Geospatial Administrators Association of South Carolina


Past Board of Directors

Robbie Ervin

GIS Database Administrator
Florence County
Secretary 2016-2018

Robbie graduated from Clemson in 1983 with a degree in Political Science and then in 1986 with a Master’s degree in City and Regional Planning.  His biggest accomplishment in college was meeting Red Skelton. He worked with the Anderson County Planning and Economic Development Board from 1986 until 1992 where he worked in transportation planning and worked on special planning projects.  He got an introduction to GIS during this time when he started using MapInfo. After this, he moved back to Florence where he had grown up.  He worked with the City of Florence Planning Office, which later merged with the County in 1997 to become the County Planning and Building Department.  After the merger, the Planning Office dropped its Genamap license and began using ArcInfo. In 2007, GIS was split off from the Planning Department to become its own department.   Robbie was made GIS Database Administrator.  In that role, he has managed SDE and the SQL Server instance that it runs on, developed programs and websites using a wide variety of platforms and languages,  edited countless layers, and done whatever else Crys Hoge, his boss, told him to do.

Jacob Deuel

GIS Administrator          
Town of Hilton Head
President 2016-2017
Director-at-Large 2013-2016
Past-President 2017-2018

Jacob Deuel holds a B.S. degree in Geography from the University of South Carolina and is a Certified GIS Professional (GISP). He has 10 years of experience in the GIS field working mostly in the municipal government setting. He is currently employed with the Town of Hilton Head Island as the GIS Administrator. Other interests include strengthening his faith, spending time with his wife and two daughters, watching soccer, and cheering on the Gamecocks in football.

Cherie Moritz

GeoServices Manager
Aiken County
President 2015-2016
Past-President 2016-2017
President-Elect 2014-2015
Treasurer 2013-2015
Director-at-Large 2012-2017

Cherie began her GIS experience while in the third year of her B.S. in Molecular Genetics at Arizona State University pursuant to a midlife career change.  Her chance encounter with Arc/Info (command line!) led to an enduring love affair with all things spatial and necessitated an emergency re-work of academic plans and a switch to Plant Biology (Ecology, Landscape Ecology, etc. etc.) just so she could work this crazy, fun new tool into her life – gene mapping being entirely less fun.  During her Masters work at ASU, she was a Graduate Research Assistant in the GIS lab and after graduating in 1999, she became the GIS Manager for the statewide Colorado program of The Nature Conservancy.  After four all-consuming, exhilarating and exhausting years with TNC, it was on to a year abroad in New Zealand doing absolutely no work at all, followed by a few more years of early retirement loafing.  Finally, it was back to work for Tetra Tech NUS doing GIS for their nuclear licensing projects and then in 2008 moving to local government as a GIS Specialist for Aiken County.  Cherie is the Geoservices Manager for Aiken County.  Cherie is a certified GIS Professional (GISP).

Kevin Whaley

GIS Analyst
City of North Augusta
Past-President 2015-2016
President 2014-2015
President-Elect 2013-2014
Treasurer 2012-2013
Director-at-Large 2009-2012

Kevin has 17 years experience in the GIS field.   He received his BS degree in Computer Science from the University of South Carolina-Aiken.   Kevin began his career with an earth science organization at Savannah River Site in 1998 as a database administrator.  He quickly became very interested in GIS and the capabilities of the technology.  Working with the GIS group he was able to generate GIS interface to access the well inventory data spatially. Kevin worked for South Carolina Electric & Gas (SCE&G) as GIS systems analyst for electric operations.  He was one of five on a team of GIS application developers with a primary responsibility for SDE administration.  In addition, he helped to develop a gas infrastructure data model for gas operations to migrate gas GIS from ArcINFO to ArcSDE environment. Kevin is currently employed with the City of North Augusta, his hometown, as a GIS analyst.  He is actively working towards an enterprise solution to support all departments within the city.   Eventually, he plans to develop individual GIS applications to address specific department needs. Kevin is a certified GIS Professional (GISP) and enjoys introducing GIS technology to local schools.   Outside of GIS, Kevin enjoys spending time with his wife and two boys,  helping at church with A/V and teaching Royal Ambassadors for boys in grades 1-6  (RA's), and fishing!

 Carmen Durham's professional career did not start in the field of geography or GIS, but in the field of actuarial science!  If you haven't heard of it, don't worry, you are not alone.  Carmen's education began with an undergraduate and graduate degree in Mathematical Sciences from Appalachian State University in Boone, NC.  After working in pension planning and administration and studying for actuarial exams for four years, she realized she needed a career change.  Carmen went back to ASU to earn a graduate degree in Geography.  She has been working in the field of GIS ever since. Carmen began her GIS career with ESRI-Charlotte as an instructor in ARC/INFO (old command line days) and training coordinator.  Since moving to Greenville, SC, she has worked with the Appalachian Council of Governments, an environmental consulting firm, and with the City of Greenville.  She has been with the City of Greenville for 12 years and is a Certified GIS Professional (GISP). Other interested include volunteer mapping and trail work for Paris Mountain State Park and Dupont State Recreational Forest, assisting with adoptions for Lucky Labs, hiking and mountain biking.

Carmen Durham

GIS Technical Manager
City of Greenville
Director-at-Large 2010-2016

Susan is a South Carolina Professional Engineer with additional credentials as an NCEES Structural Engineer and GISCI GIS Professional.  She has worked in the Greenville Water Engineering Department for the past five years and currently serves as Senior Engineer.  Professional interests include hydraulic modeling, mapping and computer programming.  She has also served as Chair and Vice-Chair of the SC American Water Works Association IT Committee.  She is a magna cum laude Civil Engineering graduate of Clemson University and former ESRI Developer.  Hobbies include choral music and watercolor painting.

Susan Overstreet, P.E.

Senior Engineer
Greenville Water
Secretary 2015-2016
Director-at-Large 2012-2014

Crystine Hoge

GIS Manager
Florence County
Past-President 2014-2015
President 2013-2014
President-Elect 2012-2013
Director-at-Large 2008-2010 , 2010-2012 (Secretary)

Crystine Hoge has been directly involved with GIS for the last fourteen years. Her GIS career began while working in Sumter, South Carolina where she started the use of GIS for the Sumter City-County Planning Commission and gained insight and knowledge in many aspects of GIS technologies and data management. In 2007, Crystine moved to Florence County as GIS Manager of the County’s newly formed GIS Department. The department is now staffed with five certified GIS Professionals that provide geospatial support for all departments, elected and appointed officials, and the citizens of Florence County, South Carolina. Crystine holds a Bachelors of Science Degree in Business Administration from the University of South Carolina and is a Certified GIS Professional (GISP). Crystine stays active in the GIS community by serving on the South Carolina ARC (SCARC) User Group Conference Committee, the Geospatial Administrator Association (GAA-SC) Board of Directors (President 2013-2014), the Pee Dee GIS User Group (President 2009- present), the Carolina’s Chapter for the Urban & Regional Information Systems Association (CURISA) Advisory Committee representing South Carolina East, the National States Geographic Information Systems (NSGIC) Workgroup Committee for Public Policy Development for Geospatial Data Sharing and Geospatial Return on Investment. Crystine Hoge is a native of upstate New York. After years of Air Force travel, Crystine became a resident of South Carolina and Sumter, SC in 1993. Crystine is married to Bill Hoge. Together they have three children and five grandchildren and share a love for dogs and horses.

Shawn Carson

GIS Manager
City of Rock Hill
Past-President 2013-2014
President 2012-2013
President-Elect 2011-2012
Director-at-Large 2010-2012

Shawn Carson graduated with a B.A in Geography from Mary Washington College in Fredericksburg, VA. He has over 18 years experience in the GIS field. Shawn got his start in 1990 using  Arc/Info 5.0 running on the Vax working at  Loudoun County, Virginia. After 3 years at the County, Shawn made his move to Redlands California to work at ESRI. He worked in various groups including Technical Support and Development. After 3.5 years in Redlands he  traveled cross country to Charleston SC, where he worked at NOAA Coastal Services Center as a GIS Analyst/Programmer in their Integration and Development group for about 3 years. Missing the smog, baking heat and high potential for an earthquake, Shawn set off cross-country back to ESRI Redlands to work in the Developer Support Group supporting programmers using ArcGIS versions 8  &  9. After 5 years, Shawn transferred to the ESRI Charlotte office where he worked in the Services and Support teams assisting clients building their GIS applications. In 2009 Shawn joined the City of Rock Hill’s ITS team where he is currently the GIS Manager. When not doing GIS, Shawn likes to spend time with his family, coaching and playing soccer, reading, and playing guitar.  

Heather Landry

Technology Director
Colleton County
Secretary 2012-2014
Director-at-Large 2011-2012

Heather is a graduate of the University of South Carolina having earned both B.S. and M.S. degrees in Geography. She has over 10 years of experience in the GIS industry working as an educator, analyst and administrator. Her past work experiences include Program Director for the Friends of the Rivers, a Beaufort County based non-profit organization focusing on water quality education; GIS Manager and Database Administrator at Colleton County; and spatial analyst at the NOAA Coastal Services Center (CSC) where she also taught GIS courses as an ESRI Authorized Instructor. During her tenure at NOAA CSC, Heather earned a team award for her role in the development of the Coastal Inundation Mapping course. Heather is currently employed with Colleton County as the Technology Director and serves as adjunct faculty in Geography for the University of South Carolina Salkehatchie regional campus. She is a certified GIS Professional (GISP). 

Connie Banegas has 13 years experience in the GIS field. A graduate of Appalachian State University, Connie's career started in the consulting world as a GIS Specialist for EDAW, Inc. in Atlanta, GA. She worked with major electric and gas utilities in the Southeast utilizing GIS to conduct transmission line and combustion turbine facility siting. With a move to the City of Asheville, NC as a GIS Analyst, she remained in the utility industry but switched focus to water resources and distribution. While with the City, Connie became involved in Asset Management managing a multi-year project to implement a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) for the Water Resources Department. The CMMS was eventually extended to other departments in the City. Currently, Connie is the GIS Manager for Charleston Water System in Charleston, SC, once again focusing on Asset Management and the role of GIS in establishing an effective company wide program. Connie is a Certified GIS Professional (GISP) and is actively involved in the GIS community. When not doing GIS, she sits on the Board of Teachers' Supply Closet, a non-profit organization that provides free school supplies to teachers in the Greater Charleston area. She is especially passionate about giving back to her community and enjoys working with others to do so.

Connie Banegas

GIS Manager
Charleston Water System
Past President 2012-2013
President 2011-2012
President-Elect 2010-2011
Director-at-Large 2006-2010  (Secretary/Treasurer/Webmaster)

 Bryan Townsend first learned of GIS while pursuing an undergraduate degree in geology at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte (UNCC).   He found GIS so interesting he completed the Urban and Regional Analysis graduate degree also at UNCC with a concentration in GIS studies.  During his time in the graduate program he gained further exposure to a variety of GIS uses through many internships with Mecklenburg County and UNCC. The IT Director at York County hired Bryan in 2001 to fulfill his vision to establish a successful enterprise wide GIS program with ties to the region, state and beyond.  After just a few years the county was rewarded with the SCARC Achievement in GIS Award in 2004 and the ESRI Special Achievement Award in 2005.   Bryan was also listed on the ESRI Special Achievement in GIS awarded to the North Carolina Geographic Information Council for his contributions to the NC OneMap ( in 2005.   Bryan has taught “Introduction to GIS” at Winthrop University since 2005 and works to provide GIS as a resource for professors and staff to use on campus.

Bryan Townsend

GIS Administrator
York County
Past-President 2011-2012 (Webmaster) 
President 2010-2011 (Webmaster) 
President-Elect 2009-2010 (Webmaster) 
Director-at-Large 2008-2009 (Webmaster)

Rich Hamilton has been involved in geospatial related activities for the past 35 years.  He received his BA degree in Geography from Middlebury College in Middlebury, Vermont.  After moving to Hilton Head Island in 1973, he worked as a surveyor for 19 years, becoming a licensed Land Surveyor in 1983 and a Tier B Surveyor in 1992.  During this period he directed a wide variety of surveys in the Beaufort County area including hydrographic surveys, ground control for aerial photography, and establishing a network of beachfront vertical control monuments for the South Carolina Coastal Council. Rich became increasingly interested in emerging GIS technology and in 1992 made a career change by taking a job with the Town of Hilton Head Island maintaining the GIS address database.  He became the GIS Administrator in 1996 and has remained in that position to the present.  In addition to the continued development of the Town’s GIS resources, he coordinated the efforts that resulted in the Town becoming one of the first in SC to incorporate aerially scanned digital imagery in its GIS and the first SC entity to adopt the use of oblique photos in the workflow of the organization. Rich was licensed as a GIS Surveyor in 2005 and is a Certified GIS Professional.  He is also an active member of the SC Society of Professional Land Surveyors, the National Society of Professional Surveyors, the Urban and Regional Information Systems Association, and the Geographic and Land Information Society.

Rich Hamilton

GIS Administrator
Town of Hilton Head
Director-at-Large 2008-2010
Treasurer 2010-2012

Frank Bishop Jr. has 13 years experience in the GIS field. Frank’s career started and continues in Aiken County.  After graduating from Aiken Tech in 1990, he started as a simple mapper (pen & ink on mylars) and progressed up the ladder while helping build the current GIS from the ground up. He now manages the GIS Division of Aiken County. In January 2005, Frank and his staff had the unfortunate task of dealing with a train derailment with a chlorine spill in Graniteville. They put in countless hours creating maps and queries to aid the emergency personnel responding to the accident. Frank learned many lessons from the real life accident and has since shared his knowledge with the GIS community to help them better prepare for future disasters. Frank has been involved with SMAC since 1991, and SCARC and the CSRA Arc Users Group from their creation.

Frank Bishop, Jr

GIS Manager
Aiken County
Director-at-Large 2006-2007 (Treasurer/Secretary) 
President-Elect, 2007-2008
President 2008-2009
Past-President 2009-2010

Bruce has been working with GIS over the last 12 years from both schooling and career perspectives.  His schooling started at the Community College of Southern Nevada where he earned two AAS degrees.  He continued his education at Indiana State University where he earned a BS in Geography and a MA in Geography, both emphasizing on GIS technologies, but focusing on Cartography and Remote Sensing.   Due to helping his wonderful wife raise three children (now has 4), Bruce wasn’t able to gain experience from summer internships, but was able to gain experience with real world projects and is co-author in ‘Geo-spatial Technologies in Urban Environments (2 chapters)’, and two scientific journals (Journal of Arboriculture, and Ecology & Society).  He took his first job out of school as a GIS Technician for Whiteside County in northwestern Illinois.  While there he learned the inner workings of County Government, which enabled him to come to Colleton County, SC in April of 2007 as the GIS Manager.  With both GIS and IT knowledge he was able to work with his boss and combine both the GIS and IT functions of the County, creating the Technology Department and become the Director as of January 1, 2008. Bruce is very active in his Church and works a great deal with the youth in his congregation.  He currently has the privilege of working with his wife as Cub Scout leaders while also working with his two sons.  Bruce also, is taking a community leadership class to become more involved within the community he works.

Bruce T. Harper

Technology Director
Colleton County
Director-at-Large 2009-2010