Geospatial Administrators Association of South Carolina


GIS and IT Managers in South Carolina


It's not just GIS. You are a Geospatial Administrator if:

  • You are responsible for network storage, security, database administration, and other information-related tasks.

  • You are responsible for choosing software relating to mapping, databases, web sites, or servers.

  • You are responsible for managing those who create map data for your county or municipality.

  • You manage a web site for your jurisdiction that either includes a map viewer or will include one in the future.

  • You are responsible for helping shape the technology and data standards your jurisdiction implements.

Geospatial administrators are found in many different disciplines - finance, technology, planning/zoning, public works, public safety.  There's few departments that don't use maps or map-based information. Geographic information is fast becoming the base for recordkeeping and decision-making. We are forward-thinking administrative professionals charged with managing information using Information Technology and Geographic Information Systems. If you are involved in making decisions for your jurisdiction regarding technology and mapping, we welcome you to join GAASC.


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GIS is the technology of our times and is uniquely suited to assist in solving the problems that we face
— Roger F. Tomlinson